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A confession: I’m “bi”

February 7, 2007

Soemthing is stirring on the inside. I can’t put my finger on it yet, perhaps never will. Perhaps I am trying to put my finger on the wind or get a frim grip on water. The wind is blowing, waters are stirring. I think it has to do with vocation. I am further coming to grips with the place of the body shop in my overall life schema. It is exactly what I intended it to be in the first place: a means to an end. For too long it has been all means and no end. Defining that “end” is crucial. The end is resources (more time and money) to do ministry. A corollary is that i get another connection point in my neighborhood. I’m not just Kevin the pastor. I’m Kevin the guy who can help me with my car or Kevin the business owner when I’m at the chamber of commerce. Like Paul, I get to meet other tent makers and help them see bigger opps. Like Jesus with Peter i can help people discover there are bigger fish to fry than fish.

First, i am not called to cars. Someone probably is and that is a good thing for them. i don’t want to minimize someone else’s call to own or operate a small business. I love many aspects of it. It has been a good job. But I’m not wired for it long term. It just can not hold my interest… again, this is not the shop’s fault… there is no fault, in fact. It has to do with following my call, my passion, my vocation. it has to do with what Parker Palmer calls “combining soul and role.” I want to further integrate soul and role, schedule and heart.

Right now I’m thinking I’ll go to ab out 20 hours a week. Possibly less but not more. It is time.

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  1. February 14, 2007 12:51 am

    as one ‘bi’ to another…god bless

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