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Shane Claiborne

February 17, 2007

Shane spoke last night. i had met him for a breakfast several months ago but had never actually heard him speak. Fun. He comes to life with a microphone and a crowd. His stories were engaging and connecting. I loved his emphasis on the poor and on action. He’s got a Campolo-level presentation ability with the look of a postmodern St. Francis (burlap clothes, dreads, unkempt, thin as a rail) wrapped in a post-evangelical, social justice ethos. May his tribe increase!

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  1. February 17, 2007 2:31 pm

    Yeah I first met him in Santa Fe @ the Emergent Village gathering they have once a year down there. I was impressed too! Out of everyone that I met I really appreciated his presence. He was a man that you know lived what he believed and even though he is young his life has been enough life to account for two lives. Thanks man… keep the small tidbits coming! Oh and I will try to call you when you get back…I forgot you were up there. I still desire to feed you lunch.

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