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Into the Wild

October 20, 2007

This movie moved me. It was the first movie in a long time where afterward all I could do was sit there, pinned to my seat like note on a corkboard. The silence extended through the ride home as I replayed scenes in my mind. Then a desire to talk about it surfaced. So, I rode home with conflicting thoughts: 1. Wanting to go someplace and just soak it in and mull it over alone, and 2. Have someone I could share the experience with and talk about it late into the night over a large bottle of red wine or several pints of stout. (I’m easy.) It conjured up all kinds of childhood memories and longings of being in the woods for long periods of time, alone and dreaming of a future time when I could have a cabin somewhere in Brisitsh Columbia and live off the land. I loved reading books about survival tactics and how to survive for long periods with no contact from the outside world. My favorite author by far was Bradford Angier who told the tale of selling all and moving into the mountains with his wife and how they learned stepped by stepped how to survive on what nature alone provided.

It is a story of naivete also: a rebellious son that spurns his family’s (albeit a screwed up one) love and ventures off without restraint or relationship of any kind. It is also a story about the hospitality of strangers and feeling welcomed into the lives of several people along the way that really did take him in and care for him in the ways humans were meant to: no strings attached, generous, open handed hospitality.

Remarkabe story. 5 stars. Oh and the soundtrack… Eddie Veder writing original songs. I heard he worte the songs on location at each site while the filming was taking place. His voice and lyrics and music capture and reflect back the primordial longings the film explores.

The only thing left for you to decide is are you going to see it alone or take someone along so you can hash it over afterwards. Either way, see it today.

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