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Luke 18 > A superiority complex

October 23, 2007

What is humility? It comes from the root word humus which is related to dirt. It is remembering we are literally ‘of the earth’, from the dirt i.e. not God. We are created. We are dirt bags dearly loved but dirt bags none the less. It is having an honest appraisal of ourselves. We are more valuable in God’s eyes than his other creatures, worth more to him than the sparrows. We are to consider ourselves as useless slaves according to Jesus yet not long after that he is the one who says to us “I no longer call you slaves but friends.” It is his prerogative to call us that not ours to assume. So we take the lowest place at the table and then we are surprised to be invited to a better seat. That is the kingdom way. I can understand this from the perspective of someone who likes to be generous but also knows that when generosity gets assumed it stops the joy of the giving. Like when I bring coffee in for the guys at the shop. At first they loved it and thanked me for it. Then it became routine and assumed. When it stopped they felt violated. Entitlement happens quickly.

I just saw some news footage of houses burning in Malibu. Britney Spears was aghast that the fire might get any closer to her 35K per month rental home. The media was falling over themselves with false concern for Mel Gibson’s home and “What will we do if one more star’s home falls in the flames?” Give me a break. This fire is far from tragic. It is burning some of the most expensive homes in the world and these people are going to be fine. They have plenty of options not to mention great insurance. What about the families that are consistently dislocated in Central America by flash floods? They have no options. When their home is destroyed that is it. Done. Game over. They are homeless until they can build another house from scrap metal and found objects from other’s trash bins.

Not sure how I got to here… this is what happens when i blog at 4:15am after watching re-runs of Conan and Extra!. Perhaps where i was going was taking Jesus words about the Pharisee and tax collector to a national level. That’s an easy target though. Now i need to go deal with this log in my own eye. (Isn’t it amazing that we can see right around the massive timbers in our line of sight and find tiny slivers everywhere else?)

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