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5 Practices for a Justice-ful Lent

February 3, 2008

5 Practices for a Justice-ful Lent

1. Immerse yourself in Isaiah 58. A VC-paraphrase of that chapter is at the end of this email. Read it before going to bed and when you get up. Memorize the chapter or a portion of it. Live with it. live IN it.

2. Personally meet someone’s basic needs for food, shelter, or clothing. The first step for many of us might be to get to know someone with those needs. If you need help making that kind of connection contact Angela Pancella who works at Our Daily bread > or

3. Connect with someone in your own family who you feel far from or need to reconcile with. Perhaps there’s someone in your family you just need to spend more time with. Do that.

4. if you don’t already have one introduce a Sabbath day into your weekly schedule. Reserve a day a week to only do things that bring you joy. It’s not selfish. It’s a good, Godly practice with several millennia of precedence.

5. As the weather warms up we’ll plan time to together beautify the property and neighborhood.



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