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November 19, 2009

I’ve been revisiting some vows that I wrote and took with several people in our community several years ago. I’m starting to think they may form the contour of a new rule of life/ curriculum for transformation. Here they are (slightly altered and with some more edits needed…)

Simplicity, the focused life: In a world that is frantic and overcommited we’re simple, purposeful lives.

Community, the shared life: In a world that of fractured relationships we’ll display unity through a shared life.

Prayer, the God-centered life: In a world chasing “self-fulfillment” we’ll center our lives on God through a prayerful life.

Study, the transformed life: In a world that is force-fed by self-centered advertising and media, we’ll regular reflect on God’s word and let that transform our minds.

Work, the creative life: In a world drunk on laziness and entitlement, we’ll be industrious and generous through meaningful work.

Service, the generous life: In a world that idolizes power, individualism, and ego we’ll demonstrates Christ’s way of serving through practical acts of love.

Hospitality, the welcoming life: In a world filled with hostility, we’ll be a warm, welcoming place for friends and strangers.

Justice, the active life: In a world full of injustice, we’ll work at local grassroots level for visible social change and be a voice for justice among the world’s oppressed.

Sabbath, the renewed life: In a world frazzled by overcommitment we’ll take time for rest and recreation.

Celebration, a joy-filled life: In a world plagued by apathy and anxiety we’ll regularly and joyfully celebrate all that is good, true and beautiful.


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  1. November 20, 2009 3:14 pm

    i heart yearns for just such a way of being that my soul aches…


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