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How God feels about you…

January 7, 2010

There’s a passage in the gospel of Luke where John the Baptist, the cousin of Jesus is baptizing people in the Jordon river. Many are starting to wonder if he might be “The One”… the chosen One, the One the Jewish people had been awaiting for many hundreds of years… but he’s not. And he knows he’s not. So with absolute abandon he sets the record straight and tells people clearly: “I am not the Christ! … but I know who is and he’s close to being revealed… and when he’s revealed your life and all of history will never be the same!”

And then it happens. Jesus, the Christ is revealed. And John baptizes him just like he’s baptized everyone else but there are some elements to Jesus baptism that are strikingly different than all the others. The heaven’s open, a voice is heard, and the holy spirit descends in some physical form that resembles a dove. When Christians talk about God being a trinity of persons, three persons in one, that is never more obvious than it is in this passage: Jesus the Son is being baptized, the Holy Spirit is descending, and God the Father is the voice pronouncing his love and fatherly pride in his Son.

One translation of this passage has God the Father saying: “This is my Son, chosen and marked by my love, pride of my life.” Those are words that every son and daughter long to hear. To know that our fathers love us and are proud of us is nothing short of revolutionary… it heals us, gives us confidence, helps us have good relationships with others… it is pivotal and essential for living a healthy life. Now many people go through life never hearing that from their dads and perhaps that is precisely why Jesus teaches us to pray “Our Father…” You see, it’s not just HIS father but OUR father… we can get that affirmation that we need (if we’re desperate and/or humble enough for it) from God, our father. Because that is exactly how he feels about us, about YOU!

“You are chosen and marked by my love. You are the pride of my life. When I look at you I am filled with joy…”

Imagine God saying those words to you… imagine it with confidence, because it’s true.

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  1. January 7, 2010 9:02 pm

    Good stuff bro. Thanks for who you are and for extending Jesus’ Kingdom! Press on,


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