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Discovering a “passion mantra”

October 30, 2012

I’ve been working on John Jantsch calls a “Passion mantra.”

I’m discovering that getting in touch with my deepest desires is actually hard work. It requires some brutal honesty about what I really want and that means sorting out good desires from bad desires — or healthy desires from unhealthy desires, if you prefer. That has been a pretty grueling process. One thing I’m learning early on is that sometimes even our wrong desires (sex, money, power type of stuff) can actually lead us to what we really want (intimacy, generosity, courage to flip the aforementioned on its head).

When I get really quiet, and therefore honest and receptive, what seems to keep surfacing for me is a desire to encourage and resource emerging leaders, businesses, and communities. So something akin to a life coach/ spiritual director / mentor. Now that’s pretty broad which makes it applicable to my current business, my work with Fresh Expressions, etc. But I’m also honing in on some specifics like not just ANY business but businesses that are interested in more than the bottom line – higher purpose businesses if you will. And not just ANY faith community but communities that are deeply embedded in a place, a neighborhood that desire something a little more radical than just “being good people who go to church once a week.” Communities that want to forge a life together that has a cadence and rhythm to it and a deep commitment to be rooted in a particular place.

Yet, when I pan back a bit the word that seems to have the most mojo for me is actually the word “emerging.” I love the idea of helping people over that first hump, getting their feet wet in leadership or management of some project or venture that they are passionate about. I like what sociologists call the “liminal” space. That space between spaces where things are in flux, ideas born, and transitions navigated.

So how this apply to my current endeavors?

Well, I have some pretty aggressive growth goals for my body shop and to achieve those goals I’m going to need a small army of people who are able to lead and manage others.

Also, my work with Fresh Expressions in the Episcopal Church is an obvious fit especially among the new communities that are springing up in our region.

It of course applies in my family as I have two teenagers and one “teenager in training.” Kids are great because they are always in those in-between places as they grow and mature and become… in a sense they’re always emerging!

It could also be the basis of a new coaching or consulting venture of some kind. I’m open to that but not pursuing it at the moment.

I know I still have a lot of work to do on defining and refining my “passion mantra.” John is really encouraging by writing that its not something we get right on the first try and probably not even by the thirtieth but I hope this little foray into my discovery process has encouraged you to consider what you really desire and helped you get a little more in touch with your passion.

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  1. November 1, 2012 12:53 am

    Love this Kevin. Sounds like you are putting some more reality to this stuff. I’m really looking forward to seeing what it looks like. I was scheming for the Kingdom about similar things when I saw you through the window at Wild Ginger! Press on…

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